We strive to make our suits as comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear as possible.


Each jacket features a high degree of machine and handwork – the canvas which is attached by hand is soft and light, and the high-stress points of the jacket, such as seams, are reinforced by machine. 


Clients’ patterns are cut and kept and may be adjusted accordingly for future orders.

Prices start from SGD1900 onwards. Expect 6-8 weeks for completion. 


Entirely bespoke, the Kay-Jen Signature Suit offers a jacket that is constructed and sculpted by hand and the skillful use of an iron. 

The canvas is molded to give a natural and smooth-flowing three-dimensional shape in the chest - only made possible through a high-level of hand and ironwork.


Collars and shoulders are molded to follow the same process as well. 


A fully hand-finished canvased jacket is a thing of beauty and will increase in character over time, following the natural lines of the person who dons it. 


Prices start from SGD2280 onwards. Expect 10-12 weeks for completion. 




We’ve made a name for ourselves as an exquisite trouser maker.


Our trousers sit close to the natural waistline, are comfortable on the hips, and cut close to the legs with a slight taper.


They are sewn and finished neatly by machine with a soft fabric inter-lining. 


Prices start from SGD340 onwards. Expect 4-5 weeks for completion. 


For clients who appreciate the artisanal value and craft of a handmade product, our signature trouser line offers a higher degree of handwork.


Waistband curtains are attached by hand, buttonholes handsewn, and pick stitching done by hand on the side seam of the trousers.


Bar tacks are also sewn by hand for added reinforcement.

Prices start from SGD460 onwards. Expect 6-8 weeks for completion.



We make beautiful custom shirts ranging from formal, dinner to casual.


Our classic line of shirting is sewn and finished neatly by machine with felled seams, along with soft inter-linings.

Prices start from SGD170 onwards for our in-house fabrics and SGD250 for English, Swiss and Italian Fabrics. Expect 2-3 weeks for completion.

At Kay-Jen we offer two different customizable lines of different make and varying levels of handwork. 

Kay-Jen Classic uses a combination of machine and handwork to create a beautiful custom garment at an approachable price point. 

Key-Jen Signature uses a higher level of handwork for a truly artisanal finished piece of clothing. This includes handsewn sleeve-heads, buttonholes, pick-stitching, and allows for a higher degree of customization.