There are countless knitted t-shirts in the market with similar design. We are always drawn towards the cable knit design however it is always found on Autumn/Winter vest and sweaters.


We manage to design a spring/summer version in 100% lightweight cotton. The length is cut longer than usual knitted t-shirts length as it is meant to be worn tucked into your tailored trousers.


The cable knit design may be a common sight in the marketplace but its make-up has always veered towards a heavier fabric composition, aimed traditionally for Autumn and Winter wearing. As we’ve always been drawn to its diagonal interlocked detail, we thought we’d disrupt its usual vest and sweater format by introducing it into a range of T-shirts.


Adapted for the summer weather of Singapore, we use only 100% Lightweight Cotton to allow our wearers to capitalise on its textured appeal, while feeling comfortable and at ease to go about their daily lives. Designed with a length cut that is slightly longer than knitted T-shirts, our Cable Knit T-Shirts are meant to be worn tucked in with a fabric allowance that folds nicely on the waist for an effortless appearance.



Cableknit White

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