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At KAY-JEN, we offer two modes of tailoring services - Bespoke and Made-to-Measure. The first being fully customised to you with immaculate handiwork, and the latter, a pre-patterned and shorter production alternative but with the same design philosophy.

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All bespoke suits and trousers are personally measured, advised and cut by Matthew himself. The custom pattern is then relayed over to skilled and trusted craftsmen to translate your vision to form.




Since our debut, we’ve established ourselves as a reputable tailor for bespoke trousers. Approached with ideal balance and fit in mind, our trousers are designed with an intent of being flattering, visually elongating and flexible with a clean elegance. Fully patterned from scratch and detailed by hand, our trousers are cut close to the waistline for a higher rise that is comfortable on the hips, accented with pleats and a gentle taper for a comfortable room whether stationary or in movement.

Lead Time 2 - 3 months
A minimum of 1 fitting is required 
All bespoke patterns are archived for future commissions 



Bespoke Suits by KAY-JEN are marked by our stylistic leanings to accentuate the frame. We’re known for our signature soft tailoring with classic proportioning, pleasing curvature and natural lines for an elegant silhouette that’s more than meets the eye. From a fully cut canvas structure, collars, pockets to finishing linings, every part of the jacket is constructed closely by hand to create an instinctive volume that is irreplicable by machine.

Lead Time 3 - 4 months
A minimum of 2 fittings are required 
All bespoke patterns are archived for future commissions



Commissions using predetermined patterns. A shorter process for clients seeking the KAY-JEN aesthetic, here we start from preset bases with slight adjustments to your measurements. Constructed dominantly by machine with a lesser degree of hand-work, our Made-To-Measure services are recommended to those looking for an affordable tailoring alternative or do not have the luxury of time.



All made-to-measure suits are based on preset sizes patterned by Matthew with KAY-JEN’s aesthetic of subtle elegance. Commencing from full-canvas construction with limited adjustments to the wearer, patterns are then pieced mostly by machine for a shorter production notice and affordability.

Suit Lead time: 1.5 - 2.5 months

Custom Shirt.png


The KAY-JEN shirting programme is available for clients seeking our expertise. As with our tendencies for natural elegance, our shirts are tailored for a complementing fit that drapes well, wears comfortably and is adaptable whether worn on its own or layered. Available in classic patterns both casual and formal, we’ll guide you in the choosing of fabrics that are sourced from quality mills across the globe before completion with hand-operated machinery.

CUSTOM SHIRTS_edited.jpg


All KAY-JEN shirts are made with renowned fabric mills from Europe and are lined with a soft inner lining, detailed with felled seams and Mother-of-Pearl buttons. Only curated set of collars, cuffs, and shirt designs are available within our aesthetic.

Lead time: 2 - 3 weeks



The KAY-JEN atelier operates by appointment only. If you’re new to tailoring or curious in what we do, you’re more than welcome to visit us for a consultation or an in-person overview. Do note that appointments are obligation-free regardless of whether you’ll be commissioning with us.


This is where we take our time to thoroughly measure you - not just your body measurements, but to get to know your personal preferences across aesthetics, design elements, styling possibilities and lifestyle. Closely guided by our Founder and Head Cutter, he’ll personally walk you through the design process, recommend fabrics and the steps thereafter.


Typically scheduled 4-6 weeks following consultation, this is when we’ll conduct a primary fitting. At this step, you’ll be trying out the first draft of the garment as a test of comfort and to spot possible alterations. If any, the pattern will be updated accordingly and archived for future commissions.


After about 4-6 weeks, your garment is complete. If there are no alterations required following an inspection and second fitting, you may collect your garment.


Any further alterations will be duly addressed and updated.

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